Segal Institute for Clinical Research is a consortium of research sites specializing in psychiatric, neurological, addiction, medical and women's health clinical trials. A 60-plus staff of full-time Principal Investigators, Subinvestigators, coordinators, research assistants and Master's- and Doctorate-level raters conducts clinical trials in outpatient, inpatient, nursing homes, and sleep laboratories. Segal Institute is currently conducting Phase I-IV research trials in 9 different sites in South Florida and South Carolina. Integral to Segal Institute's success is its centralized operations consisting of quality assurance and improvement managers, rater calibration specialists, recruiters, advertising coordinators, contract managers and call-center.
Founded in 1998, Segal Institute for Clinical Research was created as a division of Compass Health Systems, a multi-specialty group practice. Compass Health Systems is the largest provider of mental health services in each of the communities where its practices are located. Compass Health Systems is currently operating in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and partial hospitalization and programs throughout South Florida and South Carolina. In 2010, the Compass clinicians rendered approximately 235,000 patient visits. Around 230,000 visits were conducted in South Florida and 3,500 in South Carolina. The Compass Health Systems database has grown to over 150,000 patients. The Compass network is comprised of approximately 50 clinicians, including psychiatrists, internists, advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs), psychologists, social workers and specialized counselors.
The Segal Institute for Clinical Research recruitment team is capable of enrolling subjects quickly and efficiently. Our alliance with Compass Health Systems is our most powerful method of enrolling subjects. Other recruitment strategies include advertising efforts such as television, radio, direct mail, mass transit, and newspapers. Another extremely effective strategy for reaching enrollment goals is targeting specific populations, such as the Hispanics residents in South Florida or the veterans in South Carolina. To date, Segal Institute's extensive HIPAA-compliant patient database has grown to over 20,000 patients.